Digital Marketing Trends

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Digital Marketing Trends

With internet penetration becoming a sheer reality, new innovations in the genre of digital marketing have become the new normal for most of the business owners in 2020. Businesses nowadays are subject to ‘Digital Darwinism’. As the term suggests, you have to be on your toes and keep evolving with time in order to cater to an incredibly digitally literate target audience.  These are some of the top digital marketing trends and innovations for 2020.


Chatbox continues to be an integral part of digital marketing. This facility allows people to message to the service provider instantly and get updates. As it caters to the users, businesses can get valuable inputs and feedback through this. It is estimated that chatbox will save almost 8 Billion USD by 2022.


In order to be successful in 2020, a business owner needs to personalise marketing and present personalised content to the target audience.


Audiences interact more with videos than any other medium of content. Most of the customers are likely to opt for a product depending upon how well the product is displayed in the video.


With a whopping number of internet users having registered their presence on social media, a business owner can increase his manifolds by making his content reach to the social media timelines.


Most of the products are so dear to the users that they want exactly the same product. Visual search allows the consumers to upload the photo of the product desired and get it. Incorporation of this feature in business marketing can be highly beneficial.


This option is among the most sought features by the customers. The latest studies prove that voice-activated speakers have become the part and parcel of most of the users and the business owners need to align businesses accordingly.


It is a smart way of integrating social media with the checkout facility. Most of the customers used to abandon the purchase as any deal would be redirecting them to E-commerce websites but with the onset of this integration, the process is streamlined.


Whenever any prospective consumer enters a business area, for example, an area near a restaurant, he receives a notification in the form of a text message. In the coming years, this strategy is going to get more traction and significance.


In order to retain customers, most of the businesses seek to incorporate automation in the coming years. It helps in predicting the behaviour of the customer and also improves user experience through a one-to-one grievance redressal mechanism. Business owners can yield great benefits from AI as it automatically suggests content to the visitors.


As Google has laid out expertise, authority, and trustworthiness as important factors for any product to rank up in the searches, the branding part needs to be given that extra stress. Google has kept the user experience at the center and any content that is well researched and accurate gets rewarded.

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