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Bulk SMS Services Finding a household without a mobile phone can be one of the most daunting tasks in the world right now. Some of the reports even suggest that the number of mobile phones has already exceeded the number of human beings walking on planet Earth. From marketing strategists to governments at various levels, everyone has understood its significance, and put efforts to align their functioning with the robust outreach of phones. Despite the fact that smartphones account for a substantial number of operational devices, the SMS service continues to be the lowest common factor among all the phones. SMS service is the most basic thing but is equally effective as it enjoys a deeper penetration than any other feature of a phone. Businesses through this service can increase their audience base exponentially as everyone having a feature phone is a prospective customer.

Besides sending SMS, the Two Way SMS service allows businesses to receive messages as well. Monarch India brings this feature with the flexibility of deleting or modifying the received messages. This gives the perfect options to those businesses which want to establish a two-way communication channel with its customers. It helps any business to engage with the target audience and get feedback about any service or product. This service allows the customers to reply directly to the texts they receive from the companies.

Concatenated SMS service is used by businesses to overcome the limitations of the characters that can be sent through SMS service. This very functionality offered by Monarch India allows the sender to break the entire texts into parts at his end, however, the receiver gets the entire text of the message at his end. In order to break the main text into parts, additional information needs for each part to identify and keep each part in the correct order.

Unicode helps businesses to combine records from different languages in a single report. Monarch India through its extensive research is all set to offer this feature to its customers. It allows businesses to function at the global stage with the option to converge languages in reaching a final report. Every character or symbol is assigned a specific code and thus it becomes easy to universalise the content. Along with decoding the reports in different languages, Unicode also helps in retrieving the data. In the absence of Unicode, a system could decode script in only a single language. This functionality gives a level playing field to domestic businesses when it comes to competing with big foreign businesses.

A Dedicated Short Code is also referred to as a SMS short code, and it is used exclusively by one brand. Unlike Shared Short Code, which is used and paid for by multiple brands, the Dedicated Short Code is paid for by a single brand. Monarch India’s dynamic team is capable of integrating this functionality with your business. Dedicated Short Codes help brands in getting a unique identity and ensures security as well. Although Shared Short Codes have provided an affordable option to the businesses for quite a long time, a Dedicated Short Code gives businesses unfettered access to the SMS and exclusivity as well.


BULK SMS Services

Bulk SMS Service is a form of mobile marketing that any brand, organisation, or company uses to reach the maximum possible target audience. Monarch India’s dynamic team of professionals has got expertise over this functionality. This service allows sending a 160-character message to its database. Organisations use SMS Service as it connects them to their target audiences within seconds. Along with being succinct and timely, it is a cost-effective method to reach such a large group of people. The most important factor is that even if the device is out of the coverage area, the SMS reaches the concerned device as soon as it enters the network area. This is the most ideal way to reach the niche audience showing interest in any product or service. If you intend to equip your business with Bulk SMS Service, Monarch India is the best option for you.

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