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SMS Panel

Short message services, popularly known as SMS is one of the most primitive yet trustworthy sources of delivery of information in the form of text. With the regular advancements in the methods of texting, SMS still has held its ground strong because of its wider reach and requirement of bare minimum digital medium unlike the modern ways. It still dominates a large portion of the text messaging service. The text message service is independent of any internet connectivity or availability of smartphones like its modern counterparts. This makes it the best option for organizations to broadcast any message to its large number of potential customers. To deliver a large number of messages to a large number of people, the organizations need a proper framework that can help in streamlining the process. SMS Panel is an organized SMS broadcast architecture that can help in delivering messages to thousands of people within seconds.

Telecom companies are one of the most prominent examples of organizations that use bulk SMS services. They use the service to make their consumers aware of any new service that they come up with. This helps them in spreading awareness at a minimal cost. The E-commerce industry is another prime example of SMS panel usage. This service helps them in sharing the current order status and offers to its customers at regular intervals.

Bulk SMS service has an extremely wide reach and a very high penetrative strength as compared to other mediums. It reaches every handheld device with a working SIM card in it. This makes it a highly robust and sturdy message delivery medium. Unlike the other sophisticated mediums of messaging, SMS does not depend on the internet or availability of any smartphone. From sending reminders to spreading the word about an upcoming builder project, it serves all the purposes without burning a hole in the pocket. Monarch India has been working in the digital marketing industry for almost half a decade now. This long experience in the industry has honed our skills in terms of bulk messaging in the utmost possible manner. Our on-time delivery and high success rates keep us above all the other service providers. Our team of efficient experts in their fields also ensures the timely sharing of reports and ways to improve conversion and performance. We provide the best-in-class Bulk SMS panel to help in the proliferation of business of all our clients.

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