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IVR / Virtual No. Panel

The term IVR number is popularly known as Interactive Virtual Response Number. The IVR number is like a regular 10 digit mobile number until we pay attention to its usability and functionality. These numbers are basically used by businesses to contact their customers. The IVR calls reduce the expense of customer care representatives to talk to the customers. It enables the customers in getting the required information from the pre-recorded messages stored in the IVR system.

In a side-by-side comparison between Virtual Number and IVR, you'll not be able to find obvious differences. Both the numbers can either be a 10 digit mobile number or might seem like a toll-free number starting with 1800-xxxx-xxxx. Though the practical usability of both varies a little bit as on an IVR number Interactive Voice Response is played. It helps in reducing the call drop issues because of the `unavailability of the party', `out of network coverage area', or other restrictions of a regular mobile number. It gradually propels the business and makes the interaction between the business and the consumer easier. The intelligent IVR system gives consumers the option to select from a set of pre-recorded options or transfer the call to a customer care executive.

Communication is the key to the success of any business. This makes proper communication architecture very important for the organization. As the business grows, the volume of phone calls grows exponentially. The higher number of calls add an extra cost to the company. To reduce this everyday cost, Virtual Number plays an inevitable role. It not just makes the communication easier but also saves the conversations to nullify any chance of miscommunication and misinformation. It can also play an automated response like “the working hours are over, please contact after 8:00 am tomorrow” when the caller calls after regular working hours. We at Monarch India offer the best in class IVR and Virtual Number services. Our services come at a negligible cost when compared to conventional mobile calling methods. With almost perfect uptime, our services ensure that you don't have to be bothered about losing any business because of the communication barrier.

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