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Most businesses have realized the importance of developing a mechanism to integrate their websites/services with users’ social media interaction. The leader among these messenger applications is WhatsApp. With a whopping 1.5 billion monthly users worldwide, WhatsApp deserves all the reckoning. This instant messaging application is one of the most sturdy and fast methods for buyer and consumer interaction. It enables quick delivery of any information to the consumers within seconds with an average text open rate of 98%. Business owners are looking forward to incorporating WhatsApp marketing in order to cater to its huge user base worldwide.

WhatsApp simply uses the internet connection of the users and allows them to chat or even share documents, images, audio with end to end encryption. It even supports audio and video calls. Various studies suggest that in more than 100 countries, WhatsApp is the most sought-after alternative to SMS. Monarch India through its extensive research is all set to integrate your business or website with WhatsApp marketing. WhatsApp gives its users the option of one-to-one chat or even broadcast messages. One can even create a group of 256 people on WhatsApp, and anyone among them can chip in to share information. Thus, business owners see a huge potential in letting WhatsApp users interact with their business models. Monarch India does it smartly and effectively for you. If your target audience is young and your business model is young as well, WhatsApp marketing may just be the thing your business would be waiting for.

According to a research by Pew Research Center, 98 percent of the WhatsApp messages are opened and read while 90 percent of them are opened and read within 30 seconds after they are sent. WhatsApp allows its user to save the frequently sent messages and reuse them as quick responses to queries. Trust is the key in WhatsApp marketing as everyone’s WhatsApp account is tied to a specific account number and unlike other social media platforms, it remains very personal to every user. The region with deep internet penetration is bound to have a large user base for WhatsApp marketing. Businesses need to focus on it as government and even private players are doing their best to enhance internet penetration in even remote locations of the country. Hence, WhatsApp marketing can provide inroads to some uncharted business territories. Monarch India is the go-to solution if you want to be the leader in integrating WhatsApp marketing with your business model.

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