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Responsive Web Design is an important factor for any business to flourish. Responsive web design helps a website in adapting to various devices and different display sizes. The number of mobile phones has already exceeded the number of human beings walking on this planet. This is big enough a reason for all the businesses to pitch for Responsive Web Design. With a team of domain experts, Monarch India is the best option to integrate responsive web design with any business. Most of the internet users browse content through mobile phones and hence websites should cater to smartphones in order to become user friendly. Users' experience and interaction with the website should be smooth or else it would find it tough to retain the users. If any user finds any website less interactive, he may instantly switch over to the competitor's website. Monarch India takes care of that very thing. Moreover, if you intend to go for an e-commerce business, you need to know that more than 90 percent of your target audience will browse the shopping items on their phones only. The website needs to appear attractive, and in order to grab the opportunity of retaining the buyers, you need to get your website designed accordingly. The website also needs to have a robust social marketing strategy as users may visit the website via their social media timelines.

Our Process

The number of Facebook, Instagram users have witnessed a huge surge and Monarch India may help your website pitch its content successfully on social media. The website needs to display a relevant layout in order to cater to a large user base. If the site is designed responsive, the user may not be required to zoom in or side scroll. It would give a better experience to the user and thus bounce rates will be automatically taken care of. In web designing, the template is designed according to the screen size and not the device. Multiple devices are being used to browse content nowadays, and thus responsive web design allows the website to cater to these devices. Several studies and researches are suggestive of the fact that websites pulled thrice the number of users once they became mobile-friendly. Monarch India is a go-to solution for incorporating responsive web designing with your business. It allows the website to dynamically fit the screen and the platform of each user. Presently, the websites are being designed with a `mobile-first' approach. As the need arises, the websites are further designed as per the bigger screens.

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